Water Corporation has asked the community to abide by warning notices and exercise caution around Lake Argyle and the Kununurra Diversion Dam.


Water Corporation North West Regional Manager, Rino Trolio, said the fast flowing water and strong turbulence caused by ongoing heavy rainfall made the areas dangerous.


“People visiting Lake Argyle should keep well clear of the spillway near the end of Pannikin Bay, due to faster than normal water flows,” Mr Trolio said.


“Water levels in Lake Argyle are already high and continue to rise. Today, water is flowing four metres over the spillway, discharging at around 645,000 litres per second.”


Water Corporation reminded the community not to enter the restricted zone near the Kununurra Diversion Dam.


“People are not permitted on the Ord River itself or its banks within the restricted zone because of the risk posed by the fast-flowing water,” Mr Trolio said.


“Signs and marker buoys clearly mark the restricted zone, which includes the entire Kununurra Diversion Dam wall and sections of river extending 100 metres upstream and 200 metres downstream of the dam wall.


“People who choose to jump the fence and stand or fish on the banks of the river can easily be swept into the turbulent water.


“We do not want any member of the community, whether they are fishing or simply sightseeing, to put themselves at risk.”


Water Corporation will refer people found inside the restricted zone to the police, who have the authority to charge offenders with trespassing.

Media Enquiries:

Contact: Sandy Hooft

Position: North West Regional Engagement and Communication Officer

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