A member of the public from the South Mandurah emailed 6PR’s Rumour File on Friday, alleging desalinated water and fluoride has caused the internal pipework at their home to break. This is not correct.


Water Corporation investigated reports of leaks and breaks on internal plumbing and confirmed the issue is not related to the quality of water supplied to the area. 


As part of our investigation samples of internal pipework from a number of homes in Secret Harbour were sent to an independent Consulting Materials Specialist. The specialist’s report concluded the likely cause of the leaks and breaks was a defect in the pipe’s manufacturing process.


All water we supply meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and we carry out regular comprehensive sampling at the water source, treatment locations and at points along the water supply network.


The Integrated Water Supply Scheme, provides water to Perth, Mandurah, the Goldfields and Agricultural region and parts of the South West, however this issue appears to be isolated to a handful of areas. The scheme supplies customers with a mix of water sourced from desalination, groundwater and dams. Desalinated seawater undergoes treatment to ensure pH (alkalinity) levels remain within Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and the addition of fluoride does not contribute to corrosion of pipes.


We encourage any customer who is concerned about their drinking water quality to contact us on 13 13 75.

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