It is not every day that a humble wastewater pump station turns into Bunbury’s largest public art canvass.

Water Corporation recently asked local artist Andrew Frazer to design and paint a 320 square metre mural – the largest in the City of Bunbury - on its Parade Road Pump Station in Withers with a water theme in mind. Water Corporation's regional manager John Janssen discusses theartwork on Bunbury’s Parade Road wastewater pump station with artist Andrew Frazer

Water Corporation South West Regional Manager John Janssen said the pump station was in a prominent position and he was keen to make it a more attractive feature for the community.

“Taking inspiration from the City of Bunbury’s fantastic public art program, we saw an opportunity to add to the growing portfolio of community art, and we worked with the artist to come up with a concept for our pump station,” he said. 

“The final design celebrates the local flora and marine life - two forms of nature that are equally dependent upon healthy water for their survival.”

 Mr Frazer, who is the Creative Director of Six Two Three Zero, said it was great to see Water Corporation getting behind making Bunbury more vibrant and liveable.

“My desire was to 'wrap' the building with beauty - encouraging people to pause, enjoy and enquire further. When we reimagine spaces like the wastewater pump station we begin to engage with their purpose and how vital they are to us in a thriving community,” Mr Frazer said.

“The flora represented is responsive to the vast number of gum trees in the area, while the fish have been inspired by local herring. Painting on all sides of a free standing building has required a unique approach and it has pushed my own creative practise in an exciting direction.”

Mr Janssen said that while wastewater is not something people often talk about, its safe management is an essential service for the community and the environment.  

“The Parade Road pump station receives and processes six million litres a day of wastewater from households and businesses across Greater Bunbury,” Mr Janssen said.

The mural was completed over three weeks in late June / early July 2017. 

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