Students from Margaret River Senior High School were immersed in water and technology as part of their science studies today.

Water Corporation visited Year 7 science students, setting up an experiment to measure how much water is held in underground aquifers and constructing a schematic diagram of the town water supply scheme.

Water Corporation South West Regional Manager, John Janssen, said the activities linked to the Waterwise Schools Program, with students studying water as part of their science, mathematics and sustainability learning activities.

“In our drying climate, it is vital the next generation are waterwise and understand why a sustainable water supply benefits our cities and towns,” Mr Janssen said.

“In the science classroom, we explained where Margaret River’s water supply comes from and show the students how a water supply engineer uses hydrogeological information to calculate the amount of water held in an aquifer.

“Most of the students were surprised to learn that Margaret River has two water sources – groundwater and surface water - and that we are already planning 50 years ahead to ensure the town has a secure water supply in our drying climate.”

Margaret River Senior High School Science Teacher, Lisa Chandler, said the 120 students involved in the lessons had been learning about all aspects of water this term.

“It is really important the students are made aware of how science, technology and mathematics underpin our essential services and are applied every day in jobs in our local community,” Ms Chandler said.

“In this activity we applied some good science and mathematics and gained an understanding of hydrogeology, engineering and infrastructure planning.


“Students will now use the information they gathered about water science to support their learning across a range of curriculum areas.”

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Did you know?

  • In 2015-16, Water Corporation supplied nearly 1.7 billion litres of drinking water to its customers in Margaret River.
  • The average household in Margaret River water used about 222,000 litres in 2015-16.
  • About 950 million litres of recycled water was used to irrigate a woodlot and public open space in Margaret River in 2015-16.

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