In response to the Today Tonight story that aired last night (13/6/2017) relating to elevated lead levels found in water tested from taps in Whiteman Park, the Water Corporation reassures the community that the water it supplies is safe for use.


Whiteman Park has its own independent water supply – it is not connected to the Water Corporation’s scheme.


Water Corporation tests for metals (including lead) annually, in accordance with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG), with results available on its website.


There has been no detection of lead above guideline levels in the entire Water Corporation metropolitan water supply scheme since formal records began 17 years ago. 


To provide additional reassurance to those living in the Whiteman area whose properties are connected to the Water Corporation’s water supply scheme, it undertook additional water quality testing for lead yesterday. These results indicated no detection of lead.


Each year Water Corporation carries out more than 66,000 water samples at the water source, treatment locations and at points along the water supply network for microbiological, chemical and physical parameters that are analysed by independent laboratories, as agreed with Department of Health.


The drinking water supplied by Water Corporation achieves full compliance with the requirements as set out by the Department of Health and in accordance to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG).


If you are concerned about your drinking water quality Water Corporation can be contacted on 13 13 75 or visit


UPDATE: 20/7/2017


Following the water quality tests carried out near Whiteman Park on 13 June 2017, as a further precautionary measure, Water Corporation conducted further tests for lead across sample points throughout the entire metropolitan water supply scheme. Again, these results indicated no detections of lead.



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