Water Corporation will begin work later this month to install 43 new fire hydrants throughout Donnybrook.


Water Corporation South West Regional Manager, John Janssen, said the work formed part of a five-year program to install 2,900 fire hydrants across the State.


"Work will begin in late May to install the 43 new hydrants in Donnybrook, which is expected to take around a month to complete,” Mr Janssen said.


“Those living in the immediate vicinity of the new hydrant locations will receive a notification from our crews before work begins.


“Water supply should not be affected as we use an innovative technique known as ‘live tapping’, which allows hydrants to be installed without the need for water supplies to be interrupted.


“The overall program began in 2015 and nearly 2,000 fire hydrants have been installed across the State so far.”


Water Corporation has worked closely with DFES, Main Roads WA and local government authorities to determine locations for the new fire hydrants.


This work is an important reminder to those living in bushfire prone areas to have an independent water supply if they choose to stay and actively defend their home during a bushfire.


"While the Water Corporation will do all it can to maintain scheme water during a bushfire, damaged infrastructure or a cut to power may result in a total loss of public water supplies," Mr Janssen said.


For more information about the program visit Water Corporation’s website, http://www.watercorporation.com.au/fire-hydrant-infill-program

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