• Two new water saving initiatives launched by the Water Corporation this spring
  • More than 40 per cent of household water use is for the garden
  • Western Australia's south-west is one of three places in the world most affected by climate change 

Spring is the perfect time to get out in the garden and the McGowan Government, through the Water Corporation, is offering two new waterwise programs to help use water more wisely outside the home. 


Water Corporation customers in the Perth metropolitan area can access the Waterwise Irrigation Controller Offer, and customers from across the State can take part in the Waterwise Garden Rewards program.


The Waterwise Irrigation Controller Offer enables households to receive a 50 per cent discount (up to $350) on the supply and installation of a weather-based irrigation controller, through Waterwise irrigation specialists.


Weather-based controllers ensure sprinkler systems are set to water on the correct day and automatically make irrigation adjustments based on weather data from local weather stations and the needs of the garden.


The Waterwise Garden Rewards program is available to all Water Corporation customers across Western Australia who purchase selected waterwise products from Bunnings.


Depending on the products chosen, you will receive one, two or three more products free of charge when you register to receive a discount coupon from the Water Corporation. Products available include mulch, soil wetting agent and soil improvers.


For details on how to take part in these two programs, visithttps://watercorporation.com.au/save-water


Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:


"More than 40 per cent of household water use is for the garden, so I encourage the community to spring into action and take part of these water saving programs.


"Households who take advantage of the new weather-based irrigation controllers could save up to 15 per cent of their household water use - not only reducing the use of precious drinking water, but also reducing your next bill.


"Last year's Waterwise Garden Rewards program was hugely successful, with nearly 10,000 reward vouchers redeemed across the State.


"As climate change continues to have a profound impact on our State, we all have a responsibility to ensure every drop of water is used wisely."


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