• The Water Corporation continues its focus to help those in financial difficulty

  • FIAP designed to create financial inclusion and resilience in the WA community

The Water Corporation is the first organisation based in Western Australia to develop a Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP), continuing its commitment to help those in financial difficulty.


The Water Corporation's FIAP outlines how it will continue to support its customers, employees, suppliers and the wider community to achieve inclusion and financial resilience, contributing to a thriving community.


The development of FIAPs forms part of Australia's G20 commitments and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.


Participation in the FIAP Program provides access to a knowledge sharing network of 33 organisations across Australia - from large banks and utilities, to universities.


The Water Corporation offers a range of initiatives to support its customers, suppliers, employees and community members across the State, including financial assistance programs, water use management programs, a dedicated case management service, as well as employee wellbeing programs and online support tools.


The utility continues to refine the support programs it offers for those in financial difficulty, with three new programs launched under the McGowan Government in the past 12 months. This is in addition to its flagship program, Water Assist, which provides dollar-for-dollar support for those in extreme hardship to help clear their account.


These new support programs implemented under the McGowan Government have significantly reduced the number of people charged interest on overdue water accounts and the amount of interest owed has reduced. The programs have also resulted in a more than 60 per cent reduction in the number of families having their water shut off as a result of non-payment of water bills.


Looking ahead, the Water Corporation plans to encourage collaboration between organisations, other utilities and government agencies to work together to deliver needs-based solutions for those experiencing financial difficulty. 


For information about the Water Corporation's Financial Inclusion Action Plan, visit http://www.watercorporation.com.au/fiap


Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:


"The McGowan Government has been working hard with the Water Corporation to help those who need it most get back on track with their water bills.

"Since March 2017, we have implemented a range of new programs which have proven successful at helping those in need. Most significantly, we have significantly reduced the number of families facing water restrictions for non-payment of water bills, down 60 per cent compared to 2016.


"The Water Corporation continues to demonstrate it is committed to understanding and helping those in our community who are in financial difficulty.


"The development of a Financial Inclusion Action Plan is a natural extension of that commitment and outlines how the utility works to help its customers, employees and the wider Western Australian community.


"I encourage other organisations to take the time to learn about the Financial Inclusion Action Plan program and importantly, how they can help their customers get back on their feet and contribute to a financially resilient and inclusive Western Australia."

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