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Our wastewater system is primarily designed to service households discharging residential wastewater. But we also accept liquid waste from residential, commercial and industrial premises from approved contractors.

Approval to discharge tankered waste

Before you can dispose tankered waste at one of our wastewater treatment plants, you’ll need to have an agreement with us. This is to ensure the acceptance of liquid waste doesn’t harm our system and can be safely received and treated.

Why do we have controls over tankered waste entering the wastewater system?

We assess what liquid waste is allowed to ensure:

  • the waste isn't toxic to the biological processes used in wastewater treatment plants, or will affect treated wastewater or biosolids reuse
  • the quality of effluent and biosolids from wastewater treatment plants conforms to strict standards set for discharge to the environment
  • there is no threat to the safety of our wastewater operations personnel
  • we comply with the legislative requirements under the Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations 2004.

What is controlled waste?

Controlled waste is defined under the Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations 2004, which applies to waste generators, waste carriers and treatment and disposal sites.

For a list of the controlled waste categories visit the Department of Environment Regulation website.

Tankered waste disposal charges 2024-25

Tankered waste disposal charges 2023-24
Category Fixed charge Volumetric charge per kL
Animal waste N/A $142.23*
Septage N/A  $129.33
Sewage (K130) N/A   $129.33
Shipping waste (0-150kL)  $1,513.71*   N/A
 Shipping waste (over 150kL)  $1,513.71*  $5.72*
 Grease trap  N/A  $139.81*
 Winery waste  N/A  $64.90*
 Pond water  N/A  $58.63*

* inclusive of GST

Charges for other waste categories are determined on a case-by-case basis.