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The Waterwise Business Program supports large commercial and industrial businesses in WA to save water through improved water efficiency, water recycling and new technology.

Since 2007, the Program has helped WA businesses save over 135 billion litres of water.

The State Government introduced it as part of a range of permanent water efficiency measures across the community. All businesses that use over 20,000 kilolitres of water per year are required to participate in the program.

WA businesses can access free training sessions, events, and data loggers to assist with leak detection. There’s also the opportunity for businesses to be recognised for their water savings through the annual waterwise business recognition program.

Key achievements
  • Since its inception, the Program has helped businesses save over 135 billion litres of water
  • We are working with 277 businesses to help them reduce water use
  • Since the Program’s introduction, 140 businesses have reduced their water use below 20,000 kilolitres per year and have been exempted from the Program

Key drivers

Climate change in Western Australia and an increase in water demand due to population growth present significant challenges in how we sustainably manage and use our water resources. The Waterwise Program responds to these challenges through the following objectives. 

  • Collaboration
  • Sustainable water management
  • Liveable communities
  • Leadership
  • Education

What is a waterwise business?

To be waterwise, businesses in WA consuming more than 20,000 kilolitres per year are required to develop a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) detailing where water is used, set targets to reduce water use, and create an action plan to achieve those targets. Businesses are also required to provide us with annual progress reports on whether they have met targets.

Waterwise businesses we are working with include airports, aged care facilities, aquatic and leisure centres, caravan parks, councils, hotels, mining, manufacturing, offices, retail shopping centres, and tourist attractions including Perth Zoo.

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Key initiatives for a waterwise business include:

  • Establishing a benchmark for water use and setting targets to reduce water use.
  • Proactive leak detection
  • Regular monitoring of water use and tracking against targets
  • Proactive maintenance of water using fixtures and equipment
  • Utilising best practice water efficient technology
  • Redesigned irrigation systems
  • Recycled water use
  • Staff and community education

Waterwise business benefits

Being waterwise in your business has many benefits, including:

  • A better understanding of how your business uses water and where water savings can be made
  • Financial savings by improving efficiency (reduced water use and energy costs)
  • Identifying leaks as soon as they occur avoids water losses and unexpected big bills
  • Recognition as an industry leader in water use efficiency and conservation
  • Improved sustainability ratings

Recognition Scheme

The Program acknowledges waterwise businesses for their ongoing commitment to water efficiency and achieving significant water use improvements. There are two levels of recognition:

  • Platinum waterwise business of the year – an annual recognition of one business as a leader in water efficiency, demonstrating best practices and innovation in water management.
  • Gold waterwise businesses - businesses that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to the program by implementing key water management actions and reduced water consumption.

You can learn more about the recognition scheme, the benefits and eligibility. 

See recognised businesses

How can I become a waterwise business?

While the Waterwise Business Program is designed for businesses that use over 20,000 kilolitres of water use per year, you can always become waterwise. We have online waterwise training available to learn how to do a water audit of your site.

You can also download a Business Water Management Plan to help you achieve your water saving goals.

If you need to monitor your water use you can apply for a data logger to assist you with understanding how your business uses water. This can also help identify leaks and understand where your business can save water.

Download Water Management Plan

Inspiration from businesses

Here are some great examples that show how Waterwise Businesses are saving water and applying water efficiency practices that you can also implement.

Image of the Belmont Forum entrance

Belmont Forum

Belmont Forum has created a model assisting tenants to reduce their water and energy use, resulting in lower costs and improved water efficiency.

Read case study
St Ives Gold mine image

St Ives Gold Mining Co

Discover how St Ives reduced their reliance on scheme water to ensure an ongoing supply of sustainable water for the life of the mine.

Read case study

Want to join the program?

This program is available for businesses using over 20,000 kilolitres or more water annually. If you use less than 20,000kL, we have benchmarking information to compare your water use to other businesses and waterwise advice to help you improve your water efficiency.

Compare my water use
11 May 2023 | Update

Recognition for waterwise winners

Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation celebrate the water efficiency achievements of local government, businesses, buildings, developments and aquatic centres.

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  • Waterwise businesses
04 May 2022 | Update

Waterwise champions making it their business to save water

Using water sustainably is good for business. Just ask this year's waterwise award recipients.

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  • Waterwise councils
  • Waterwise developments
Sitting area at OneFiveOne Hamilton Hill
14 May 2021 | Update

2021 Platinum Waterwise winners

Every year, Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation come together to celebrate the water efficiency achievements of local government, businesses, buildings, developments and aquatic centres.

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  • Waterwise businesses
  • Waterwise councils
  • Waterwise developments
Image of Perth skyscraper, 197 St Georges Terrace
31 Aug 2020 | Update

Saving water is all in a day’s work for our waterwise platinum winners

Ocean Keys Shopping Centre and Perth Zoo have both been awarded 2020 Platinum Waterwise Business of the Year. Both businesses have shown an outstanding commitment to improving their water efficiency.

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Perth Zoo Mainlake Enclosure area
29 May 2020 | Update

Perth Zoo awarded 2020 Waterwise Platinum Business of the Year

In the past few years alone, Perth Zoo has reduced their water consumption by over 20%. They've achieved this through a combination of park upgrades, improved staff collaboration and innovative enclosure designs.

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Western Swamp Tortoise pond at the Perth Zoo.
29 May 2020 | Update

Ocean Keys Shopping Centre named 2020 Platinum Waterwise Business of the Year

Tracking water use with smart technologies has helped Ocean Keys identify and address abnormal water use. Their continuous commitment to water efficiency has seen them make significant water savings.

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Ocean Key water use monitoring to identify any abnormal water use.
29 May 2020 | Update

Waterwise Gold Businesses kicking water efficiency goals

In the face of climate change, waterwise businesses are working together to identify and implement real water saving initiatives in WA. Find out how our 2020 Waterwise Gold Businesses are saving water.

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Residents enjoying native garden at Southern Cross Care.
22 May 2019 | Update

Amazing waterwise initiatives in the City of Canning

The City of Canning undertook some amazing initiatives to become a Platinum Waterwise Council.

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2019 Waterwise Council, City of Canning
22 May 2019 | Update

City of Mandurah achieves gold and platinum status

The City of Mandurah was the first regional council to join the Waterwise Council Program in 2009. They have now achieved gold and platinum waterwise status.

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Mandurah drain with message - Ths drain leads to our waterways