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Through their connection to the community, Waterwise Councils have a unique opportunity to engage their residents in supporting waterwise practices across homes and businesses.

Creating a waterwise community is a shared responsibility – whether in our homes, workplaces, or all levels of government. In the face of climate change and declining rainfall, never has this responsibility been more important.

Through the Waterwise Council Program, we’re working with local governments because they are:

  • Connected to their local community
  • Understand community needs and aspirations
  • Understand the conditions of their local areas
  • Provide and maintain public recreational spaces for community health and wellbeing 

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Understanding your Waterwise Council’s status

Endorsed Waterwise Councils 

An Endorsed Waterwise Council indicates your local government has a 5-year water management action plan in place, their staff have completed waterwise training and are compliant with groundwater and scheme watering requirements. 

Gold Waterwise Councils

A Gold Waterwise Council status indicates your local government is demonstrating significant contribution towards developing waterwise communities and best practice water management. Adding to the endorsement requirements above, a Gold Waterwise council must also have:

If your local government holds Gold Waterwise status, they may have a range of greening initiatives you may be eligible to request, such as a free street tree, free mulch, or apply for a rebate to assist you in creating a waterwise verge. See our tips for how to get the most out of your Waterwise Council’s greening initiatives. Check your local government’s website to find out what is available.

Platinum Waterwise Councils

Once a year, Gold Waterwise Councils can apply to be recognised as Platinum Waterwise Council of the Year for leading the way with waterwise initiatives that demonstrate a long-term impact on the community.