Waterwise Office Program

The waterwise office recognition scheme acknowledges best practice water management in large commercial office buildings.

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Offices awarded as part of the recognition scheme were acknowledged at the 2019 Waterwise Business Recognition event, co-hosted by Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation on 1 May 2019. The following offices delivered a range of fantastic initiatives this year. We have highlighted their achievements below.

Brookfield Place

Brookfield Place, 125 St Georges Terrace, Perth

Taking a holistic approach



Brookfield Place takes a holistic approach to saving water. Originally constructed and new initiatives include: 

- a greywater system that harvests water from the end of trip showers for toilet flushing and garden watering.

- a sub soil water treatment plant which collects groundwater and diverts the treated water into the greywater system which is then used for toilet flushing. This initiative can save 15,000L of potable water per day.

- the installation of 180 waterless urinals to tenanted levels.

- high efficiency toilets with a 4.8L flush.

- water saving initiatives as a regular item at monthly tenants meetings.

To monitor their building’s operating performance, the team uses their monthly NABERS report to stay on track.

GDI Property Group

GDI Property Group, 197 St Georges Terrace, Perth 

4th year - Platinum Waterwise Office



Colliers International, with co-operation from the building owner GDI Property Group, recognises the importance in consistently managing their energy and water. Their successful approach has seen them attain a 4th Platinum Waterwise Office award. This approach has served them well. Faced with increased occupancy levels in 2018; their overall water usage has remained steady.

The team uses their NABERS rating as a key indicator of their building’s performance. Their annual plan includes:

- creating an updated water schematic diagram of the building's hydraulic services as the first step in actioning preventative maintenance.

- tenant fit-out guidelines updated to reflect the installation of WELS 6 Star rating hydraulic systems.

- the progressive installation of water saving urinal systems, flow restrictors for bathroom taps, and water saving controllers on cooling towers to minimise water loss.    

John Tonkin Water Centre

John Tonkin Water Centre, 629 Newcastle Street, Leederville

Practicising what we preach



Effectively managing and understanding cooling tower performance, including integrated our cooling tower sub-meters into the existing building management system, allows for effective real-time monitoring to respond to alarms and faults.

The building occupants play a key role in water use and there is an embedded waterwise culture where they value every drop they use. 

Dumas House

Dumas House, 2 Havelock Street, West Perth 

It pays to know your building



The use of water audits helps to inform how water is used and where efforts should be spent. Some of the actions identified include:

- the installation of a water meter for end of trip shower facilities.

- the upgrade to water efficient shower heads.

- afterhours water monitoring.

- the replacement of a faulty hot water meter.


Recognition Criteria

The industry baseline was determined through a review completed by HFM Asset Management, on behalf of the Water Corporation and Property Council of Australia, of water use and net lettable area (NLA) data for office buildings with a NLA greater than 5000m2 within the Perth, East Perth and West Perth CBD.


The results of this review are used to determine the waterwise recognition categories for water-cooled and air-cooled buildings. The industry baseline is reviewed every 2 years to ensure best practice water use within waterwise offices. Read the full report here..

This program provides a benchmark for water efficiency in businesses that haven’t already invested in a water rating through the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS). Case studies show that bench-marking water usage and planning for improvement can reduce operating costs including sewer volume charges and the costs associated with heating, pumping and treating water.


Other key benefits are:


  • Recognition as a leader in water efficiency by Water Corporation, Property Council of Australia and City of Perth.
  • Exclusive access to the waterwise logo to promote your office as waterwise endorsed.

  • Access to tools such as data loggers and resources (stickers and posters) to encourage waterwise behaviours.

  • Potential for improved sustainability ratings and reduced operational costs and water use achieved by improved water efficiency.

  • A competitive edge when promoting your business as a sustainable place to work.

  • Opportunities to show case your water saving initiatives through case studies on our website.

  • Invitations to workshops, offers, networking and industry events.

  • Free online Waterwise Training for the team at your office.


To be eligible to join the program your office must have a net lettable area (NLA) larger than 5000m2 and commit to the following:


  • Building owner or appointed representative must accept and submit the program commitment letter.
  • Complete a water management plan in the first 3 months following the commitment letter where you will set targets to improve water use.


To be endorsed as a Waterwise Office, the building must demonstrate water use performance in the water management plan that is equal to or above the industry baseline and submit an annual report to provide feedback on your water efficiency progress.


  • 0.86kL/m2NLA/year for a water-cooled building
  • 0.75kL/m2NLA/year for an air-cooled building



Recognition occurs annually and eligible participants will receive exclusive access to the waterwise logo and a certificate to acknowledge your water use performance and recognition category (silver, gold, platinum).


   Water cooled benchmark NABERS water rating  Air cooled benchmark NABERS water rating


(industry baseline)

0.75 – 0.86 3.0 – 3.5 0.61 - 0.75  3.5 – 4.0 
Silver  0.61 – 0.75 3.5 – 4.0  0.48 – 0.61 4.0 – 4.5 
Gold ** 0.48 – 0.61  4.0 – 4.5 0.35 – 0.48   4.5 – 5.0
Platinum ** 0.35 – 0.48 4.5 – 5.0 <0.35  >5.0 

This information is provided as a guide only.

** To be eligible to receive Gold or Platinum levels of recognition a current NABERS Water Rating is required. This allows us to independently validate the results of high performing buildings before they are recognised as such.

Water use performance

To calculate your water use performance, divide your annual water use (based on reading year – contact us if you need the data) by your NLA. This gives your water use performance in kilolitres per square meter per year.


Tip! Use your submeter data to subtract water use from other facilities, such as food or retail outlets, in your calculations.

The following Waterwise Offices have received recognition based on water use for the 2017/18 year.


  • 1 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth (GDI Property Group)
  • 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth (ISPT Pty Ltd)
  • 151 Royal Street, East Perth (Department of Finance)
  • 189 Royal Street, East Perth (Department of Finance)
  • 469 Wellington Street, Perth (Albert Facey House)
  • 140 St Georges Terrace, Perth (AMP Tower)


  • 2 Adelaide Terrace, Perth (Police Headquarters)
  • 27–29 St Georges Terrace, Perth (Council House)
  • 40 St Georges Terrace, Perth (St Martins Tower) 
  • 140 William Street, Perth
  • 50 St Georges Tce, Perth (St Martins Tower)   
  • 200 St Georges Tce, Perth (Cloisters Square)
  • 99 Plain St, East Perth (Department of Housing)

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