We manage more than 2,500km of large drains in the Perth metropolitan area, Great Southern and parts of the South West.

Drains collect stormwater runoff from roads, driveways and other surfaces following a rain or storm event to help protect properties from flooding.

Water Corporation and local councils share responsibility for drains for most of the drainage network. We work with local councils to provide a drainage system that safely carries stormwater away from built-up areas.

During a storm event drains can become dangerous because:

  • water can rise quickly and unexpectedly, even when it's not raining in the immediate area
  • flowing water is powerful and can knock people over,even when it's shallow
  • slow moving flows can quickly become raging torrents
  • drains may contain hidden dangers such as slopes or rocks which are hard to see when it rains

For your safety, it is important to keep away from stormwater drains when it rains. There is the potential for flowing stormwater to knock pets and small children off their feet, and they can become caught in drains.

If a pet or child does become caught in a drain it could cost them their life or endanger others who rescue them. Conditions can become very hazardous without warning.

The drainage system is an essential part of living in an urban area but when it rains they can become dangerous – so please don’t let your children and pets play near them.