We are committed to restoring public areas or private property that has been disturbed by our work, and we want to ensure that the quality of our reinstatements meet your expectations.

Our infrastructure spreads far and wide throughout WA and we undertake both planned (asset improvement) and unplanned (emergency repair) work on a daily basis.

This work can involve disturbance to public areas (such as roads, verges and footpaths) and sometimes to private property (such as driveways and backyards).

We are committed to returning areas affected by our work to as close to their original condition as reasonably practicable. We work closely with local councils and affected property owners to ensure the quality of our reinstatements meet their expectations.

Depending on the nature of the work, sometimes it is not always practical for our work crews or contractors to complete a comprehensive reinstatement before leaving a work area. This could be for a number of reasons such as:

  • not having the right equipment or materials on hand
  • the area may need to be accessed again soon.

If this occurs, we will ensure we leave the work site safe and functional for the public, but it may not look the way it did before the work began. This is known as a temporary reinstatement. We will arrange for the area to be restored to its original condition.