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People with disability often experience difficulty accessing information, facilities and services.

Research has shown that people also face access and inclusion barriers due to factors such as:

  • English as a second language
  • Living in rural or remote areas
  • Low literacy levels
  • Low socio-economic status
  • Age
  • Discrimination in relation to gender, race and culture

Our challenge is to make sure our business is accessible and inclusive to all members of the community.

Disability access & inclusion plan

Our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2019-24 has been developed to take a proactive approach towards meeting the needs of all of our customers. This five-year plan is part of our customer service commitment and was developed with research and consultation with staff, customers, stakeholders and disability service providers.

The plan provides the framework to identify access and inclusion barriers and to implement strategies to overcome these barriers. We have adopted 7 desired outcomes.

Our services and events are accessible to the whole community.

  1. Access to buildings and facilities owned by the Water Corporation is improved, with the aim of providing universal access.
  2. Our information is accessible to all of our customers.
  3. A high standard of service is provided to all of our customers.
  4. Complaints from any person are fully investigated and the outcome is conveyed in an accessible format.
  5. All people have the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in public consultations.
  6. People with disability have the same opportunities as other people to access and participate in employment at the Water Corporation.

Disability access & inclusion for contractors

It is a legislative requirement that all our employees and contractors know and understand their Disability Access and Inclusion responsibilities.

Where contractors provide a direct service to the public on our behalf, these services are to be conducted consistent with our DAIP:

  • Contractors must provide a Contractor's Progress Report to their Contract Manager by 15 June each year
  • Contract Managers must provide a Contract Manager Aggregate Report to the DAIP Coordinator by 30 June each year
  • All reporting must be on the prescribed templates (see related documents)

The DAIP is a key element of the Water Scores Benchmarking Program.

Online course

The course provides an increased awareness and understanding of our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, Access and Inclusion Policy and the Internal Action Plan. To participate in this course please contact the DAIP Coordinator.

Contact us

Feedback, enquires or issues concerning access and inclusion can be written, faxed or telephoned to:

DAIP Coordinator

Locked Bag 2, Osborne Park Delivery Centre
Osborne Park WA 6916