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What you need to know

We are processing your application

Your application is being reviewed by our concessions team. We may contact you if we have any queries. Once reviewed, we will post you written confirmation within approximately 15 business days.

If approved, your concession rebate will start from the date of your application. You will receive an advice of adjustment if we apply a credit to your account.

Late payments

Your concession rebate will not apply if you do not pay your service charges by the due date. If you need more time to pay, please contact us before the due date or see our payment support options.

Council rates

We will notify your local council when we process your application. They can then apply your concession rebate to your council rates.

When you’ll need to reapply

You will need to submit a new application for a concession rebate if you:

  • Move home
  • Get a new or updated concession card
Deferred charges

Payment of service charges can be deferred to a later date for eligible concession customers. If you're eligible, deferment will happen automatically when you do not pay your service charges by the due date.

Learn about deferred charges