Find out about the conditions and benefits of Staged Land Development Agreements.

Staged Land Development Agreements allow you to stage your development in order to defer payment of infrastructure contributions. As infrastructure contributions are only applicable to the lots you choose to clear, you pay the charges when you decide to clear the lots. It also allows you to construct the reticulation for an entire development at the one time.

This agreement complements the Memorial on Titles, as it is applicable to lots greater than 2000m2.

Clearance of each subdivision agreement will be subject to all requirements of the subdivision agreement for that stage having been satisfied including:

  • All assets required under the general conditions of the agreement have been built
  • All assets are protected by way of easements or reserves
  • All the requirements necessary to affect the handover of works to Water Corporation, as defined in the Developers' Manual have been successfully completed.
  • Infrastructure contributions for the lot/s contained in the agreement have been paid


To cover the costs associated with additional agreements, a non-refundable administration fee is charged on the following basis where:

  • the first 2 agreement requests do not incur a charge for preparation
  • the final agreement request does not incur a charge for preparation
  • the final agreement request must contain a minimum of 2 lots
  • all other agreement request are subject to an administration fee.

The administration fee allows developers to request up to 3 agreements without cost for each WA Planning Commission application.

To apply for a Staged Land Development Agreement please contact us on or call (08) 9420 2099.