Sometimes it's more practical and efficient for land developers to construct headwork infrastructure on our behalf. Here you'll find what you need to start the process.

Headworks infrastructure projects are planned through our 5 year program. The program's aim is to give developers the infrastructure they need; such as wastewater pump stations, main sewers or water distribution mains, to service their subdivisions.

In most instances we deliver these projects, but in some cases, demand for infrastructure requires developers to deliver these projects themselves through our Headworks Delivery process.

Overview of the process

  1. Once the need for headworks infrastructure has been confirmed through land planning advice, the developer may request a scoping report brief to determine potential timing and their eligibility to deliver the project.
  2. If deemed acceptable by Water Corporation, the developer can deliver the project through the headworks delivery process regardless of the position in the capital investment program.
  3. The developer then engages a pre-qualified engineering firm to produce a scoping report as per the provided scoping report brief.
  4. We design the headworks infrastructure on the basis of the accepted scoping report.
  5. The headworks infrastructure is constructed by the developer and is then taken over by Water Corporation. If in the 5 Year Program, the developer is recouped the cost of the project in accordance with the Developer Constructed Works Agreement.

Refer to our handy headworks delivery manual for more details of the process.

Document checklist

Before you start the online scoping report brief, make sure that as a minimum, you've got the following information:

  • Water Corporation CIP project number
  • Local structure plan
  • Any previous advice relating to proposed plan
  • Water Management Plan
  • Gantt chart for the progression of the development
  • Overall sub-division plan

We've also put together a list of key documents that will assist you with delivering developer constructed headworks infrastructure.

Scoping report brief

We've developed an online scoping report brief to assist with your application. The form requires the submission of a number of supporting documents, so make sure you've got them on hand before starting your application.

Submit scoping report brief