You can view your Waterwise status on the bill and account page.

On the left hand side you can see what your current status is.

It tells you how many litres of water you have used per day and how this compares to similar households in your area.

The right hand side shows how your home compares to households similar to yours based on

  • Your suburb
  • Your block size (<400m2, 400-800m2, >800m2)
  • How many people live in your home
  • If your property has a bore

You can refine your profile by giving us more information about:

  • The number of adults and children living in your home
  • If you have a swimming pool or a spa
  • The size of your garden

If you keep your household profile up to date then you can improve the accuracy of your Waterwise status.

Complete your household profile 

Waterwise status levels

Your status levels range from

Table showing the Waterwise status levels
Waterwise status Explanation
Waterwise You are doing a great job!
Nearly there You are not far off being Waterwise. Well done!
Halfway there Keep up your good work!
Needs improvement Run a few checks to see where your water is going.
Off track Do you have a leak? Have you installed a lawn? Are visitors staying in your home? It is worth investigating to save you both water and money.

Your status is based on how many litres per day you use compared to similar households in your neighbourhood. The exact amounts depend on your suburb’s average water use.

If you are logged into your online account you can use the arrows at the bottom of your status to see your water use throughout the year.

At the bottom of this profile you can also find out how much to reduce your water use by to become a Waterwise household.

Click the Waterwise tips button for help and advice on how you can save water and become more Waterwise in your home and garden.