Through isolation and leak investigation, the team at Bremer Bay Caravan Park were able to find and repair two significant pipe leaks, achieving a zero use reading during the night.

Key achievements

  • 6 litres per minute saved in water use
  • 3,154 kilolitres saved annually
  • $24,853 saved

Why we acted

After receiving a large, out of the ordinary water account it was necessary to take action to prevent this occurring again.

How we did it

Our Caravan Park Industry Newsletter had an article on leak detection which talked about data loggers. We contacted Water Corporation to get their immediate advice on what to do.

Following their advice, we then

  • undertook 2 daily meter readings, and
  • conducted a site audit followed by systematically isolating different sections of the park by turning off isolation valves.

We had installed these valves when upgrading the water system in the park some years ago.

Our plumber was then able to identify and repair two significant leaks in the pipe system. After this repair we have now been able to achieve a zero use reading during the night.

How was the work carried out
Equipment used Investigation undertaken Waterwise service
Isolation valves 2 daily meter readings Local plumber
  site audit followed by systematic monitoring via isolation valves  

What we are doing now

Now this issue has been resolved, we purchased and installed a data logger for our water meter and we are now able to monitor and graph daily and weekly our water use in the park. This problem has highlighted how important it is for our park managers to be monitoring and understanding our water use on a daily basis.