Using a smart meter, Discovery Parks Onslow discovered they had unusually high water use. Park Manager Tim Dodds immediately began investigating and, once fixed, saved more than 120,000 litres per day.

Key achievements

  • 43,800 kilolitres saved annually
  • 120,000 litres saved daily
  • $5,975 saved weekly

Why we acted

A data logger and smart meter indicated the existence of a leak we needed to find and repair.

Discovery Parks Onslow leak graph showing water usage during the leak using 6,000 litres per hour down to 2,000 litres per hour after the leak repair

The above graph shows the change in demand from 6,000 litres per hour to 2,000 litres per hour once the major leak was identified and repaired.

How we did it

To identify the leak Discovery Parks Onslow conducted many tests over a 3 month period. These included:

  • installation of isolation valves
  • meter tests and daily meter readings of multiple meters
  • site inspections and audits
  • tank leak isolation tests
  • site-wide isolation testing
  • site-wide underground radar leak detection
  • installation of a smart meter and access to MyWater organised

Once the testing located the pipe leak the pipe was re-routed via alternate mains and new pipes using better pressure service were installed allowing the old lines to be permanently isolated.

This work was completed in less than 2 weeks and the meter readings have confirmed a substantial reduction in water usage.

How the work was carried out
Equipment used Waterwise services
Data logger Leak detection plumber engaged
Smart meter  
Water detection radar  

What we are doing now

  • Monitoring usage through MyWater
  • Ongoing daily meter reading recording
  • Ongoing leak detection
  • Completion of isolation valves installation