Mazenod College, located in the beautiful natural bushland of Lesmurdie, significantly reduced irrigation water use on their sports oval through soil moisture data logging.

Key achievements

  • 806,000 litres saved
  • $1,782 saved
  • Reduced irrigation days by 60

Why we acted

"We were able to easily adjust irrigation run times daily, based on the water requirement of the oval and we realised how much we were over watering in autumn, spring and early summer"  Eric Paini, Finance Director.

As the school grew, so did our water use and with water bills increasing every year and limited access to ground water, we needed to know if we could be more efficient. Our ovals must to be in top condition for all of the sport played at the school. Monitoring soil moisture allowed us to reduce watering with confidence that the turf quality would not be compromised.

How we did it

Our school was selected to participate in Water Corporation's irrigation efficiency trial using soil moisture data loggers. We used the data daily to check oval watering requirements and modify the irrigation schedules to avoid wasting water. We also applied soil improver to our ovals.

We also installed water efficient fixtures in the boarding house and used water meter data to identify wasteful practices.

How we did it
Specialists Equipment Future plans
Turf consultant Water meter data logger Investigate soil moisture monitoring equipment
  Soil moisture data logger Install large rainwater tanks