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Your online account offers a wide variety of functions previously available in My Water, plus new and enhanced capabilities. If you had a My Water account, don’t worry we’ve got you covered - here's what you can do.

With your online account, you can 

Your account information

Not sure what to expect or whether your account information will all be available? Your account details and My Water properties will be available in your online account. Things will just look different. Here is some information to help you with any questions you might have.

Can I log in the same way?

Yes, your login and password remain the same.

What happens when I log in?

Things may look a little different when you first log in, but you'll have access to all the same properties and accounts you had My Water. The first thing you'll see is the 'Overview' tab, which shows properties with alerts, like overdue bills, planned and current outages, high water use, and estimated meter reads.

What happens to all my bills and account information?

All your bill and payment history is available in the 'Bills & payments' tab, and your billing preferences won't change. Go to the 'Bill and payments' to view and download all your current bills and access all your bill and payment history.

Why can’t I see all my properties?

Please head to the 'Manage' tab to view all the properties available in your online account. If you're missing properties, select 'Show properties' to add properties in your business account that aren't showing your online account. If you can't see the properties, you can add them using the Electronic Reference Number (ERN) on the property's bill. Please visit how to manage your properties to learn more.

What happens to all my grouped properties?

Your groups remain the same - you'll see all your My Water property groups. However, your groups are now user based, so if you make any changes, they will only apply to you. This allows you to group your properties the way you need making it easier to manage your accounts - learn more about managing your groups.

Will my bill settings and preferences remain the same?

Yes, they are the same. However, you can now update how you receive your bills in 'Manage billing' and when you start a new property management - you can choose from several bill delivery options.

More options

You now have more flexibility and online options, so you can save time managing your accounts.

Property water rates search

You can view a property’s water rates for the past and current financial year to date and the location of the water meter and sewer using the property water rates search tool now available on our website.

Pay your service charges in full

You can pay your service charges in full for the financial year.

Service charges are commonly included in your 2 monthly water bill together with your water use charges. However, if it’s more convenient, you can get your service charges billed out annually and prepay them at the start of the financial year.

You can change your service charge frequency to yearly in 'Manage billing', please visit Paying your service charges in full.

If you choose to prepay your service charges, your 2 monthly bill will only include your water use charges.

Emails with attached PDF copies of your bills 

We can send you an individual email and attach a PDF copy of the bill. Go to 'Manage billing' to update how you receive your bills, then choose 'Bill email' for any properties for which you need individual PDF bill copies.

Direct debit payments

Managing lots of properties can often mean you need to make several changes in one go. You can set up multiple direct debit payments for the properties you manage when you log in to your online account. To learn more on how to do this and about your direct debit options, please visit set up direct debit.

Need to cancel several direct debits?

You can also cancel multiple direct debits in one go and update your credit card expiry, learn more.

If your tenant receives their water use bill directly from us, they can set up a direct debit for their water use charges. Please note tenants only have the option to pay in full when their bill is due

Receive copies of tenant bills

If you’ve chosen to have 2 monthly water use bills sent directly to your tenant, the property owner can still be kept in the loop and receive copies of the tenant bills.

When you log in to your online account, please go to Manage, then select ‘Manage billing’. Under your organisation card, select ‘Update’ to view the 'Update organisation billing' details options. This is where you can select to send all the tenant and agent bills to the property owners.

Download your billing information

You can download the bill information for all properties in CSV or PDF format. To download your current or historical bill data in your online account, go to Bill & payments.

Download your water use data

By tracking your water use over time, you can identify where your tenants might be using more water than usual and potential water savings. You can download the water use data for your properties in ‘Water use & services’.

Extend multiple bills

You can extend multiple bills* in your online line account.

Log in to your account, go to Bills & payments, then look for 'Extend bill due date' under current bills.

To learn more about bill extensions, visit how to extend your bill due date.

*Some eligibility criteria exist, such as a limit of one extension per bill.