We've been working hard to cater for the needs of the fast growing North West region.

Our plans to secure drinking water supplies

We have recently upgraded water schemes across the North West, improving security and supply and catering for periods of rapid growth. This includes:

  • expanded and upgraded groundwater schemes in the Kimberley towns of Halls Creek, Broome and Kununurra
  • upgraded borefields that supply the East and West Pilbara Water Supply Schemes
  • a new groundwater source added to the West Pilbara Water Supply Scheme that supplies Karratha, Dampier, Wickham, Roebourne and Point Sampson
  • upgrading capacity of Newman’s water distribution infrastructure.

Reducing water use

Customers in the North West are some of the highest water users per capita in WA. We aim to reduce water use in the area by working with communities and businesses on a range of programs, such as:

  • water use behaviour change and replacement of inefficient fittings for residents and small business
  • leak detection and repair
  • water efficiency solutions for major businesses.

We have also invested in the installation of around 5,700 smart water meters in Port Hedland and South Hedland, and 8,700 smart meters in the West Pilbara towns of Karratha, Roebourne, Point Sampson and Wickham. Smart water meters reduce the number of leaks and places daily water use figures in the hands of customers, allowing customers to track water use more closely.

Improving our wastewater services

Major capacity upgrades are planned for the Derby, Halls Creek, Wyndham and Kununurra wastewater treatment plants in the Kimberley.

In the Pilbara, we’ve completed a major upgrade to the Karratha and South Hedland Wastewater Treatment plants and associated infrastructure to provide highly advanced water recycling facilities at both sites.

Communities in Karratha, South Hedland and Port Hedland benefit from the project by receiving high-quality water for irrigation of public open spaces and school ovals, which reduces demand on drinking water.

As a result of the upgrade, the facilities can treat up to 10 million litres of wastewater and have the capacity to produce up to six million litres of high-quality recycled water each day.

Increasing water recycling

Approximately 58% of treated wastewater is recycled in the North West. Wastewater recycling plays a vital role in supporting a very high level of economic activity and population growth.

We expect recycled water use to increase further as wastewater volumes and demand for water grows.

Major activities include:

  • irrigation of public open spaces and ovals in Karratha and South Hedland
  • recycling schemes in Broome and Derby which supply treated wastewater to golf courses, public open spaces, wetlands and irrigation schemes.

We are committed to exploring further recycling opportunities in the North West and will be investing substantially in technologies to improve the quality of treated wastewater from our plants to increase the use of recycled wastewater.

Buy hay for a good cause

We produce Rhodes grass at our Broome North Wastewater Treatment Plant as an environmentally friendly means of disposing of Broome's recycled water. The high-quality hay is sold to farmers for fodder, and part of the revenue is used to fund community projects in our Kimberley Community grants.