Fresh Water Thinking

As part of our long term plan, we're constantly looking for new ways to source and preserve our precious water to ensure West Australians have the water services they need to sustain our unique lifestyle. We call this fresh water thinking and we need you to do it too.

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We're using fresh water thinking to diversify our sources, increase water recycling and reduce water use. All of this is part of our long term plan to secure our water supply for generations to come.

Diversifying our sources

As we continue to experience a drying climate, we're increasing our use of climate independent sources such as desalination and groundwater replenishment. We also have a number of other solutions to drought proof Perth.

Solutions to Perths water supply

Helping you take a fresh look at saving water

Do you know how much water you use in your home and garden each day? You might be surprised to learn how much that extra day of watering your garden or that extra minute in the shower adds up to. Calculate your households water use using our Water use calculator and generate your personal action plan. 

Need expert advice? Call on a trained Waterwise Plumber, Landscaper, Garden Designer, Irrigation Design Shop or Garden Irrigator. They can help you save water in and around your home. You can also search the full range of Waterwise products.

Apply some fresh water thinking to your garden! Search our Waterwise plants directory to find plants suitable for the region you live in.

Save water

Helping change WA's landscape with water recycling

As part of our long term plan, we've set a target to increase water recycling to 30% by 2030. So, with fresh water thinking we're using recycled water for industry and to revitalise parks and gardens. 

Find solutions for your business

Helping Perth's industry bank more water

We've helped over 330 businesses save enough water to fill the equivalent of 20,000 Olympic sized swimming pools through our Water Efficiency Management Plan. But the fresh water thinking doesn't stop there! We have a suite of programs to help businesses save water, time and money.

Every day, more and more workplaces throughout WA are making it their business to save water. From hospitals to hotels, and councils to caravan parks, they're not only saving our most precious resource, they're saving money too. And now you can see exactly how by reading the wide range of case studies from WA business' across a variety of industries. 

Banking water with businesses