Infrastructure contributions

Infrastructure contributions are one-off charges and are payable when subdividing land to create extra lots that require our services.

Infrastructure contributions help us cover the costs of providing or upgrading our infrastructure such as water distribution mains or pumping stations brought about by increased demand arising from development.

Payment of infrastructure contributions is the land owners responsibility. We will only commit to meeting your water, wastewater and drainage needs once you have paid the relevant contributions. 

Standard infrastructure contributions

  Water Wastewater Drainage
2017–18 $2,180 $2,479 $56 

Standard infrastructure contributions refer to the base level service required by an average residential property in a typical urban location. Other properties with a higher level of service will be assessed in multiples of this amount. 

Infrastructure contributions are not subject to GST.

Drainage infrastructure contributions only apply to subdivisions in urban drainage catchments in the Perth Metropolitan area.

In some areas you may need to pay special developer infrastructure contributions in addition to standard infrastructure contributions.

Are infrastructure contributions payable when I am subdividing?

Infrastructure contributions are payable during subdivision stage when subdividing land to create extra lots.

For green title subdivisions, water supply, wastewater and drainage infrastructure contributions are based on the provision of a base level of service to each new lot.

Strata title subdivisions have the option of being assessed per lot or based on the size of the meter.

Note: Infrastructure contributions may be deferred in some circumstances. Find out more about Deferring infrastructure contributions