Land servicing fees

Find out here about the fees that may apply to your development submission.

Fees for performance agreements /early clearances

Fees include GST.

Consultant's Submission
Fee per Land Development Agreement

Fees for deferring infrastructure contributions

Fees include GST.

Deferral secured by a memorial (Fee per lot) $217.80
Under Regulation 29 Water Services Regulations 2013
 Financial Guarantee / Agreement Admin
Agreement fee for deferral by Financial Guarantee $949.30
 Interest Rate 11.88%

Fees for preparing and handling documents

Fees include GST.

Please note memorials and notifications fees do not include Landgate registration fees.

Memorials – (Fee per document)
Under Section 128 Water Services Act 2012 
Notifications – (Fee per document)
Under S70A of Transfer of Land Act

Miscellaneous Fees

Staged or Revised Land Development Agreements 2016–17 
Early clearance of subdivision  $258.50 

Fees for water and sewer services

No GST applies.

The table below includes the most common fees applied to subdivisions within our Land Servicing Agreements.

Future water service connection (20mm) $1,202.56
Meter relocation fee – more than 0.5m
(20mm service)
Cut in sewer junction (100mm) $  517.13
Cut in sewer junction (150mm) $  644.67
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