How to subdivide

Planning to subdivide? Here you will find a step-by-step guide to our subdivision process.

You will need to follow these steps when subdividing land.

1.   Application / assessment

  • The land owner submits an application to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).
  • WAPC refers the application to Water Corporation, the local authority and other servicing agencies to assess the application.
  • Within 42 days we assess the application, make recommendations and provide advice to the WAPC on our servicing requirements.

2.   Notification

  • WAPC sends conditional approval to the land owner, Water Corporation and the local authority.
  • We send an invitation to the land owner to enter into an agreement (within 21 days of receipt of conditional approval).

3.   Agreement

  • You return the completed Request for Agreement form to us.
  • We prepare an agreement (within 35 days of receipt of request) which details the requirements that need to be fulfilled. This may include details of our land servicing requirements, including fees and charges.

4.   Clearance

  • You attend to the requirements of the agreement. The agreement has a checklist. As items are completed, these are noted by you on the checklist.
  • Once all of the agreement items are completed, you can forward the completed checklist to us.
  • Within 5 working days we will confirm completion of these items and then issue a clearance to you.
  • If any items are outstanding, clearance will not be granted.

5.   Final approval

  • You submit all clearances to the WAPC.
  • WAPC issues final approval.
  • You can then apply for land titles from Landgate.

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