Infrastructure contributions for green title subdivisions

Find out how infrastructure contributions are calculated for green title subdivisions.

Infrastructure contributions

Water supply, wastewater and drainage contributions are based on the provision of a base level of service to each new lot.

Standard Infrastructure Contributions (SICs) are payable when there is a subdivision that requires any combination of water, wastewater and drainage services. They are applied as follows:

Water: 1 SIC per lot for all land use types

Wastewater: 1 SIC per lot for all land use types

Drainage: Only applies in the Perth Metropolitan in declared drainage areas.

  • Residential: 1 SIC per lot.
  • Non-residential: 1 SIC + 1 SIC per 350m2 of lot area.
  • Schools and universities on lots LESS than 3 hectares: 1 SIC + 1 SIC per 350m2 of lot area.
  • Schools and universities on lots GREATER than 3 hectares: 1 SIC + 1 SIC per 350m2 of lot area up to 3 hectares and 1 SIC per 1250m2 of lot area over 3 hectares.

Infrastructure contributions are not payable on the creation of public open space and crown reserves, as there is no inherent demand for water supply or wastewater services. 

The above information is a guide for calculating the level of infrastructure contribution requirements for your subdivision.

More information 

For further information, please refer to the Infrastructure contributions page in our Fees & charges section.

Alternatively you can email or call us on (08) 9420 2099.

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