Registrations for the Metro Showerhead Swap have now closed. Thank you to all our Perth and Mandurah residents for participating. We had a huge response with all 10,000 showerheads being allocated, and now thousands of customers are contributing to saving water every day!

If you have already registered but haven’t made the swap just yet, don’t worry! Registrations before 5 February 2021 are valid, and you have until 30 April 2021 to swap your showerhead. Head to your local Reece store as soon as you can to make the swap.

Already made the swap? Congratulations! You are on your way to saving up to 20,000 litres of water. Find out how you can continue to save water in the bathroom

We use a lot of water in the bathroom, and most of it comes from your shower. The type of showerhead you use makes a big difference by switching to a water-efficient showerhead you can save up to 20,000 litres of water each year.

That’s why thousands of households are changing their showerheads over – and you should too! If you live in the Perth or Mandurah metro area, you can swap up to 2 old inefficient showerheads for new WELS 4 star rated models for free.

When you register for this offer, you will have the option to choose from 2 showerhead models depending on your shower needs. But hurry, this offer is limited to 10,000 showerheads!

Claiming your free showerheads is easy:

Icon of a form 

Step 1
Register for this offer by completing the online registration form and confirm your eligibility.


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Step 2
Once you've registered, you’ll receive an email from us. Please take this together with your old showerheads to a participating Reece store to claim your free showerheads.

Important things to know:

  • If you’re renting, you will need permission from the property owner or manager to replace any showerheads.
  • Check your hot water system is compatible with WELS 4 star rated showerheads as not all are suitable. Please contact a licensed plumber if you need assistance.
  • We recommend getting a licensed plumber to safely remove your old showerhead and replace your new one. If you need help visit our Waterwise Specialists page to find a Waterwise Plumber near you.


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Step 3
Grab your old inefficient showerheads ready to swap them at the store – remember every showerhead we receive will be recycled.

Now you’re ready to go!

We can all save water in the shower

Once you’ve swapped your showerheads over, make sure you keep up your water saving habits and limit your showers to 4 minutes or less. Need a little help to stay on track? Pick your favourite track to listen to in the shower from our waterwise shower songs playlist on Spotify.

Did you know?

  • Showers make up 22% of total household water use. By simply switching to these water efficient showerheads, you can save up to 20,000L of water each year.
  • We work with a local recycling facility to recycle all the old showerheads we receive.
  • Cutting your shower time by just 2 minutes can result in a water saving of up to 30%. Use a shower timer or switch on your favourite 4 minute song to time your showers.

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