North Dandalup Dam

Constructed in 1994, this is the newest dam serving Perth. Its attractive setting on the North Dandalup River, excellent recreation facilities, and coastal views make it a popular destination.

Please note:

Water Corporation will be undertaking investigation work for possible future maintenance at North Dandalup Dam. Work will commence on the week starting Monday 10 December 2018 is expected to be completed by Friday 14 December. Access across North Dandalup Dam will be restricted during this work and a section of Scarp Road alongside the dam will be closed.

There are some instances when our dam recreation areas will be closed, particularly in summer when there may be a bushfire risk. Before planning a visit to one of our dams, phone us 24 hours on 13 13 75 or check our Facebook page for a post about dam closures.

Dam information 

Thumbnail of North Dandalup map

North Dandalup Dam map - click image to expand

  • Capacity – 75 million kilolitres    
  • Catchment area – 153 square kilometres 
  • Height of wall (above lowest foundation) main dam 62 metres major saddle dam 22 metres 

What to do?

The lovely grassed area by the recreation lake is perfect for enjoying a picnic. Please use the free gas barbecues to make your own hot lunch. 

Formed from the former Pipehead Dam, the recreation lake is a great place to sail model boats, wade in the water, or play beach games.

Walk to the lookout between the two saddle dams to absorb brilliant views of Mandurah, Peel Inlet, and the Indian Ocean, or take a stroll across the old Pipehead Dam wall. 

After a winter of heavy rain, witness the spectacle of the overflow from a spillway carved out of the natural rock. 

Visitor information

From Monday 10 December until Friday 14 December, due to essential work access across North Dandalup Dam will be restricted and a section of Scarp Road alongside the Dam will be closed. Traffic management will be in place during this period with detours along Hines and Del Park Roads. Access to public facilities at the base of the dam will still be available from the north side of Scarp Road. 

The North Dandalup Dam is open every day of the week until 6pm (closes at 5pm in winter).

For more information please contact the Shire of Murray.  

Protecting the dams for future generations 

Enjoy visiting North Dandalup Dam and its surrounding water catchment area and please stay safe.

Some activities are not allowed. These include: 

  • swimming 
  • camping 
  • fishing
  • hunting 
  • boating.

Please leave dogs and other pets at home. 

Comply with all signs and keep to the designated recreation areas, pathways and roads. Additionally, always observe the 2km exclusion zine upstream of the dam wall - this helps protect the water source from contamination. 

Please report all safety hazards, suspicious behaviour or pollution by calling 13 13 75. 

Please do not: 

  • disturb the wildlife 
  • climb on the pipework or other operational infrastructure 
  • climb walls, fences or bridges 
  • deface safety and security signs 
  • trespass into signposted operational and no entry areas 
  • attempt to operate taps, valves or controls
  • block emergency and operational access gates and roadways with vehicles.


  • Picnic areas with free gas barbecues
  • Recreation lake 
  • Toilets (includes disabled) 
  • On-site parking


  • From Perth, take Kwinana Freeway, or Tonkin or Albany Highway to Armadale
  • Follow South Western Highway for 45km to Hines Road, North Dandalup
  • Turn left and continue for 6km until you reach the dam