Victoria Dam

Victoria Dam was built to serve the adjacent hills suburbs of Lesmurdie and Kalamunda, as well as Perth metropolitan area in times of peak demand.


Please note: There are some instances when our dam recreation areas will be closed, particularly in summer when there may be a bushfire risk. Before planning a visit to one of our dams, phone us 24 hours on 13 13 75 or check our Facebook page for a post about dam closures.


Aerial view of Victoria Dam

Aerial view of Victoria Dam

Victoria Dam is the first Roller Compacted Concrete (RRC) dam in Western Australia, and the fifth RRC dam constructed in Australia. RRC combines the advantages of a concrete dam with the efficient plant-intensive methods used to construct earthfill and rockfill dams.

Although it is an important part of our water supply, we restrict vehicle access to this site.

Dam information 

  • Capacity – 9.5 million kilolitres  
  • Catchment area – 37 square kilometres 
  • Length of wall – 285 metres
  • Height of wall (above foundations) – 52 metres 

What to do?

Enjoy a walk trail. Pedestrian access is permitted between the hours of 8am and 5pm. 

Please note that recreational activities are not permitted on the reservoir. An exclusion zone exists around it and the streams flowing into it.  

If you decide to visit the dam, please do not use the service road. This road is dangerous and steep, there is no footpath and it is provides access for our vehicles and trucks.

Visitor information

The upper car park is open on weekdays from 8am–5pm. 

The car park is closed on weekends and public holidays. 


Unfortunately, there are limited public facilities for you at this site. 


  • From the car park, you can reach the dam via the signposted walk trail, 300 to 400 metres 
  • On weekends, you can access the dam via the signposted walk trail


To contact our Victoria Dam operations building please call 9293 5287.