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Pipes for Perth

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Be careful about bogus callers

We have received a number of calls from our customers after they received a knock on their front door from someone claiming to test the water in their area.

Albany is getting ‘splashed with colour’

A project to bring Water Corporation assets to life in highly visible locations around Albany is nearly complete. This wastewater pump station on York Street was painted by Karlee Bertola. Artists took inspiration from the local community, with Water Corporation organising two workshops with Albany SHS and the Albany Youth Support Association to hear about their connection to water.

Perth’s two desalination plants have now produced one trillion litres of drinking water

How much is one trillion litres of water? Imagine Optus Stadium filled around 1,000 times – or 444,444 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The Perth Seawater Desalination Plant first started producing drinking water in 2006 and the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant came online in 2011. They have a combined capacity of around 145 billion litres of water a year.

Tap in – what’s next?

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Tap In so far. We’ve created some options for you to consider.