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Meet Kep, our water leak detection puppy!

Kep, meaning water in the Noongar language, is our newest and youngest employee. She has been hired to help us save our precious water and is currently being trained to detect water leaks in our underground water mains. A big thank you to everyone that voted and helped name the puppy!

Weekly update on Perth water usage

Spring has arrived and our water usage in Perth is on target so far this year., But typically in September we begin see the dams slow down to a trickle. Find out how we compare to other metropolitan areas across Australia and what, with your help, we're doing to improve water efficiency across the state.

What is Tap In?

Find out more about Tap In, our state-wide community engagement program tapping in to your thoughts and ideas to help shape WA's water future.

Think Perth’s dams are full? See for yourself with our new Dam Cam

When it rains we get a lot of people asking us “so are the dams full yet”? Well, to bust that myth (and so you can see for yourself), we’ve set up a Dam Cam! The truth is after nearly 20 years of abnormally dry weather, we’d need to get double the average rainfall for years on end to fill our dams.