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Winter sprinkler switch-off!

From 1 June, it’s time to switch off your sprinklers

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Halls Creek Hip Hop - 'Save the ngaba!'

This fantastic music video has been written, performed and produced by amazing young people from Halls Creek to encourage the community to save WA’s precious water – or ngaba in the local Aboriginal language. “Thank you to the talented young people of Halls Creek for creating such a great waterwise music video – the result is a brilliant clip that showcases our beautiful Kimberley and the talented local community,” said our acting North West Regional Manager, Stuart Dyson.

Recognition as a global leader in planning for climate resilience

Water Corporation was appointed as 1 of only 6 inaugural members of the Leading Utilities of the World group at The Global Water Summit last month, recognising WA's world leading water innovation.
Our Chief Executive Officer, Sue Murphy, said WA’s story of a drying climate and how we planned for and delivered climate independent water sources, while at the same time working with the community to use less water, was well known and highly regarded in international water circles.

WA businesses recognised for leading the way in water efficiency

Water Minister Dave Kelly has congratulated WA’s top water saving businesses for saving over 12 billion litres of water last year through participating in our water efficiency programs. These include Waterwise Business, Waterwise Office and Waterwise Development programs, which have contributed to more than 72 billion litres in water savings since they began.

Reduce your washing by just one load a week

Washing machines account for 16% of all water used inside the average home. Reducing your washing by just one load a week could save up to 50 litres – that's almost 2,600 litres saved each year! And if your machine has a water saving mode, you can save even more by using this.

Moving home?

There are lots of things to consider when moving home, but our process is simple! Find out what you need to do – whether you are moving into or out of a property.