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18 Oct 2022 | Update

The importance of water in the community

Braeside Primary School’s year 2 students recently explored the value of our most precious resource. They have been learning about the different ways people in our community use water.

  • Education
  • Environment
Braeside Primary School Year 2 students
18 Oct 2022 | Update

Restoring life in the Harvey River

A passionate group of researchers have come together to bring life back to the Harvey River.

  • Environment
  • South West
Harvey River restoration
13 Oct 2022 | Update

Uplifting women through Deadly Sista Girlz

We're delighted to support Deadly Sista Girlz, a program involving 1,000 WA students designed to improve self-esteem and education in school-aged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls.

  • Community
Program participant
07 Oct 2022 | Update

Celebrating a Customer Service Week win

We’re excited to be celebrating Customer Service Week 2022 and the innovative systems our people are creating to enhance our customer service.

  • Water issues
Image of Water Corporation colleagues working together around a computer
16 Sep 2022 | Update

Exmouth water supply outage

Residents in part of Exmouth will be without water from 11pm on Tuesday 20 September to 6am Wednesday 21 September, 2022 while our crew completes essential repair work.

  • Water supply alerts
01 Sep 2022 | Update

Giving back to Perth's groundwater supply

We were the first utility in the country, and among the first in the world, to use groundwater replenishment. Stage 2 is now complete allowing us to recharge Perth's aquifers with up to 28 billion litres of purified recycled water each year.

  • Climate change
  • Wastewater
  • Environment
Testing treated wastewater
18 Aug 2022 | Update

There's no such thing as wastewater

Water Corporation joins forces with Hazer Group to recycle excess biogas. The biogas is turned into low emission hydrogen to replace fossil fuels.

  • Environment
  • Wastewater
  • Climate change
Hazer Group Plant
04 Aug 2022 | Update

Cyclone-proof water for Karratha

Karratha’s water supply is secure for decades to come with a new more cyclone-proof water tank. 2020’s Tropical Cyclone Damien damaged the previous tank supplying most of Karratha’s water.

  • North West
  • Water sources
  • Climate change
Member for Pilbara Kevin Michel MLA, Minister for Water Dave Kelly MLA & Ryan Lind, Water Corporation Service Delivery Manager, North West Region
03 Aug 2022 | Update

Helping the homeless one load at a time

There are many ways to lend a hand. One of our Water Corporation employees volunteers her time every fortnight to help the homeless with Orange Sky.

  • Community
Gemma outside Orange Sky van with other volunteers
28 Jun 2022 | Update

One giant leap for spongekind

A new species of freshwater sponge has been discovered in Wyndham. This is the first time the genus has been reported in Australia.

  • Environment
  • North West
  • Dams
Image of a new species of freshwater sponge, Corvospongilla moochalabrensis, which has been discovered in Moochalabra Dam in Wyndham.