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03 Aug 2022 | Update

Helping the homeless one load at a time

There are many ways to lend a hand. One of our Water Corporation employees volunteers her time every fortnight to help the homeless with Orange Sky.

  • Community
Gemma outside Orange Sky van with other volunteers
28 Jun 2022 | Update

One giant leap for spongekind

A new species of freshwater sponge has been discovered in Wyndham. This is the first time the genus has been reported in Australia.

  • Environment
  • North West
  • Dams
Image of a new species of freshwater sponge, Corvospongilla moochalabrensis, which has been discovered in Moochalabra Dam in Wyndham.
08 Jun 2022 | Update

Fighting fire in the Great Southern

An immense amount of work goes on behind the scenes to maintain a secure water supply during a bushfire.

  • Great Southern
  • Community
Water Corporation crews fixing damaged water pipe
02 Jun 2022 | Update

Fighting climate change with big data

Water Corporation presented the power of data at the City of Canning's Changing Your World conference.

  • Climate change
  • Environment
City of Canning conference Water Corporation attendees
16 May 2022 | Update

A fruitful outcome for Yakanarra

Thanks to a new citrus garden planted using a grant from Water Corporation and Lions Club of Broome, there will be healthy snack options for a remote Kimberley community.

  • Community
  • Grants
  • Plants
Johnny Darryl and Jermaine planting a citrus tree in Yakanarra
04 May 2022 | Update

Waterwise champions making it their business to save water

Using water sustainably is good for business. Just ask this year's waterwise award recipients.

  • Business
  • Waterwise businesses
  • Waterwise councils
  • Waterwise developments
Sitting area at OneFiveOne Hamilton Hill
04 Apr 2022 | Update

2022 Community Choice Awards

The Community Choice Awards recognises leading Waterwise Councils, as voted by you. The shortlisted projects are all innovative and create benefits for the community

  • Community
  • Waterwise
  • Waterwise councils
17 Jan 2022 | Update

Proof of vaccination required for visitors to Water Corporation sites

Proof of vaccination is no longer required when visiting a Water Corporation site

  • COVID-19
  • Community
08 Nov 2021 | Update

South Hedland Water Supply Interruption

Water has now been restored to residents in South Hedland, Wedgefield and surrounding areas.

  • Service alert
  • Water issues
  • North West
Water Corporation drop logo
13 Oct 2021 | Update

Local gardener creates a beautiful waterwise verge garden

Waterwise verge competition winner, Kerry, has transformed his verge into an eye-catching garden that's not only waterwise but provides habitat for local wildlife, too. Find out how he did it.

  • Waterwise
  • Plants
  • Residential
Waterwise verge competition winner, Kerry