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Strong corporate governance is a fundamental part of our culture and business practices.

Water Corporation is owned by the Western Australian Government, and is accountable to the Minister for Water, the Treasurer and GTE Minister for delivery of consistent, high quality water services to our customers.

Our corporate governance structure

We are governed by clear charters which outline expectations:

Board charter

Audit and risk committee charter

People and safety charter

As Water Corporation employees, we are responsible for our behaviour and conduct in the workplace.

We will observe both the letter and spirit of the law and adhere to high standards of business conduct and strive for best practice workplace standards of behaviour in our dealings with each other, our customers and the community.

Code of conduct

In April 2019, the State Government introduced the Market-led Proposal Policy to provide innovative opportunity for Government and private sector to work together for the benefit of the West Australian economy.

The Market-led Proposal website provides details of how to submit a proposal for projects where the Government has not requested a proposal (formerly known as ‘unsolicited proposals’).

These include proposals to; build and/or finance infrastructure, provide goods or services, or purchase government owned assets.

To submit a proposal and for more information please contact or (08) 6551 1108.

Our performance

We measure our performance against the targets, objective and financial outcomes set out in our Statement of Corporate Intent.

Download statement

Annual reports

Read about our organisation, performance in core business areas, our projects, achievements and challenges and what we are doing to address them.

Annual report