All properties connected to our water supply scheme must have a water meter so that we can measure water use.

For strata lots that need individual water meters for each property, the following metering options are available:

Option 1 – Individual direct meters

We fit individual meters at an agreed road frontage, adjacent to a water main for individually subdivided or strata titled lots. This option only applies to multiple unit developments where road frontage has been provided to all units.

Option 2 – Multi-metering

Where a strata development has 3 or more lots you are able to install a master meter and sub-meters. The master meter is a single meter that is capable of supplying sufficient water to each unit.

Sub-meters measure the volume of water for each individual lot and are installed along the internal plumbing which is fed from the master meter.

Option 2 can be more cost effective than Option 1 by reducing infrastructure contributions and service installation costs.

More information

To find out more  about our sub-metering agreements and conditions, please email or call us on 13 13 95.