We bill our customers every 2 months for water use and service charges.

You can choose to pre-pay the service charges portion of your bill once every financial year while paying your water use charges every 2 months.

The date you sign up to pre-payments will determine how much you will pay for your service charges on your next bill.

For example if you choose to change your pre-payments in May or June then you have a smaller portion left to pay before the financial year ends.

If you choose to change your pre-payments in August or September then you have most of that financial year’s portion still to pay.

If you change your preference and have outstanding service charges remaining in the current financial year a new bill will be issued on the next working day.

There is no difference in price when selecting to pre pay your service charges.

Log in to your online account and select service charges frequency on the My Account tab to set up pre-payments of your service charges.