Our data logging and leak detection service can help your business to save water through improved visibility of your water use.

What is a data logger?

A data logger is a small device that is fitted to your water meter to measure your water use throughout the day.

You can access water use data via a website to identify any unexplained water losses such as leaks, faulty equipment or excessive irrigation.

Apply for a data logger

Data loggers are available to any business customer consuming more than 5,000 kilolitres of scheme water per annum or if you suspect that you have a large water loss and would like some assistance. To register your interest please contact water.efficiency@watercorporation.com.au

Benefits of a data logger

  • Data loggers show you how water is used at your property.
  • The data logger is installed free of charge.
  • Data loggers identify issues such as leaking pipes, broken fixtures and incorrectly set irrigation systems.
  • Save money with reduced volumetric water and sewerage charges.
  • Improve your environmental performance by using less water to deliver the same products and services.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility and promote your environmental credentials.


Baseflow is the amount of water use that cannot be explained by a known process or activity. It is often measured in litres per minute or litres per hour. Baseflow should always be investigated to help you understand where your water is going.

In a manufacturing plant for example that operates non-stop without regular shutdown periods baseflow might not indicate a leak. In these cases data loggers can still identify issues when shutdowns for maintenance occur.

For most businesses continuous water use overnight particularly in the early hours of the morning represents an opportunity for investigation, even in hotels with people on site 24/7 the water use should still return close to zero during this time.

By installing isolation valves into your plumbing network you can isolate various areas of your site by turning water off to a specific area. An area will need further investigation if the baseflow is visible on the data logger then disappears or is reduced. Not only does this save time for you and your plumber when locating a problem - it will save you money too!