Infrastructure contributions for strata subdivisions

Find out how infrastructure contributions are calculated for strata subdivisions.

Water and wastewater contributions

The way in which the water service connections are applied will impact the level of water and wastewater contributions required.

Applicants can choose to service their development by installing either:

  • individual meters at an agreed road frontage adjacent to a water main for individually subdivided or strata titled lots
  • a master meter at an agreed road frontage adjacent to a water main to serve the whole property with Water Corporation installed sub-meters for each unit
  • a combination of these.

Lots serviced individually will normally pay more water and wastewater contributions than those lots served by a master meter.

The number of connections to sewer does not impact the wastewater infrastructure contribution requirements.

Infrastructure contributions for water supply and wastewater are based on the meter size and flow rate combination.

We refer to a meter based contribution table for the factors and these are used to determine the amount of standard infrastructure contributions (SIC's) required for your development.

Note: Infrastructure contributions for drainage no longer apply to strata subdivisions.

More information

You can find out further information about Infrastructure contributions in our Fees & charges section.

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