Kimberley community grants

Round 5 of the Kimberley Community Grants is now open. Last year we granted close to $50,000 in total across different organisations and community groups.

These funds have helped to get innovative ideas off the ground and have contributed to education, health, innovation and community engagement.

We want to continue this legacy, so if you have a great idea that would benefit your local community, our grants may be the opportunity you need to get it kick-started. Grants of up to $10,000 are available to not-for-profit organisations and schools for community projects that support and empower the local people and communities.

Together with Lions Club of Broome, we started the West Kimberley Grant Scheme in 2016 to create opportunities for members of the Kimberley community. Since then, individuals and local communities have come together to deliver valuable initiatives that foster creativity, innovation and overall well-being in the Kimberley community.

Impact of grants on the local community

Cable Beach Mural

Mowanjum Arts Centre "Water Weavers Festival"

Home is where the heart is

East Kimberley College sustainable hydroponics garden

Change Em Ways Program

One Arm Point Remote Community School

Native animal rescue trailer 

Grants through the sales of Rhodes Grass

We generate funding for the Grants through the sale of Rhodes Grass hay. The hay is produced at our Broome North Wastewater Treatment Plant as an environmentally friendly means of disposing of Broome's recycled water.

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Grant objectives

  • Support the long term development, growth and vitality of the Kimberley
  • Build an appreciation of nature and an awareness of the preciousness of water
  • Provide the opportunity for community to identify and respond to local issues
  • Empower the community to take an active role in improving their quality of life
  • Foster community involvement and wellbeing


To be eligible to receive a community grant, applicants must:

  • Be a not-for-profit constituted body, school or education institution
  • Located within, or offer a project within, the Kimberley
  • Comply with our Community Grants guidelines.

Successful applicants must agree to our funding terms and conditions. Your project must take place within 12 months of receiving funds. 

How to apply

Please download a copy of the grant guidelines and application form. For any queries please contact us on (08) 9186 8266 or Grants close 4pm WST, 8 May 2020.

The assessment process

The Kimberley Community Grants Scheme Committee will assess all applications. The Committee comprises representatives of Water Corporation, Lions Club of Broome and various local community organisations.

In reviewing applications, the Committee will consider the aims of your project, the number of people that will benefit from your project as well as benefits to the wider community.

The Kimberley Community Grants aim to empower communities by helping them to deliver demand-driven projects.

We generate funding for the Grants through the sale of Rhodes Grass hay. The hay is produced at our Broome North Wastewater Treatment Plant as an environmentally friendly means of disposing of Broome's recycled water.

Diagram of Kimberley Community Grants fund distribution

Round 4 grant recipients

A total of $70,086 in community grants were given to benefit 10 not-for-profit groups in Broome, Kununurra and remote Aboriginal communities. It is the first time funding was available to communities across the entire Kimberley.

Our round 4 recipients: 

  • St John's Ambulance - Bidyadanga, Beagle Bay and Lombardina
  • Federation of WA Police and Community Youth Centres (PCYC) - Broome
  • Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Cultural Centre - Mowanjum
  • Roebuck Primary School - Broome
  • Broome North Primary School - Broome
  • Broome Bird Observatory - Broome
  • Kununurra District High School - Kununurra
  • Agunya Ltd - Broome
  • Broome Aboriginal Media Association - Broome
  • Kununurra Neighbourhood House Inc - Kununurra

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Round 3 grant recipients

We're pleased to announce that a total of $30,600 in community grants were given to 6 not-for-profit groups to benefit communities in Broome, Derby, Beagle Bay, Halls Creek and Djarindin.

Our round 3 recipients: 

  • Men's Outreach Services Inc, Broome
  • Djarindjin (Jar-in-jin) Aboriginal Corporation, Djarindjin Aboriginal community
  • Broome Primary School, Broome
  • Glass Jar Australia, Derby and Halls Creek
  • Derby Dance Group, Derby
  • Sacred Heart School, Beagle Bay

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Students at Broome Primary School

A total of $50,226 in grants were given to 9 not-for-profit groups and schools across the West Kimberley for projects to improve Aboriginal employment, health and wellbeing, and protect wildlife.

Round 2 grant recipients were: 

  • Cluster Aboriginal Education Network, Broome
  • Nyamba Buru Yawuru, Broome
  • Sacred Heart School, Beagle Bay
  • One Arm Point Remote Community School, One Arm Point
  • The Society for Kimberley Indigenous Plants and Animals, Broome
  • Native Animal Rescue Broome, Broome & Derby
  • Madjulla Association, Fitzroy Crossing
  • Chelonia Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, Broome
  • Marnja Jarndu Women's Refuge, Broome.

To find out more, read West Kimberley communities to benefit from $50,000 in grants.

Round 2 recipients of our West Kimberley community grants program

Five community projects were announced as the successful recipients of the inaugural West Kimberley Community Grants Scheme.

These projects support education, culture, the environment, health and tackling drug and alcohol abuse, and are:

  • Local Drug Action Group, Dampier 
  • Broome Senior High School, Broome
  • Centacare Kimberley, Broome and Derby
  • Broome Historical Society, Broome
  • Native Animal Rescue, Broome

Part of the revenue from the sale of high-quality bales of Rhodes Grass hay, produced at our Broome North Wastewater Treatment Plant, is used to fund our community grants scheme.

To buy hay, and contribute to a good cause, you can email our Broome Depot on or call (08) 9195 5414.

Collecting hay

Each bale weighs around 330 kg. Individual hay bales can be picked up from our depot on 22 Blackman Street, Broome. Purchases of 10 or more hay bales must be picked up from the Broome North Wastewater Treatment Plant on Crab Creek Road. See map for details. 

Map of Broome Peninsular

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