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If your bill isn't paid by the due date, you'll receive a ‘Reminder notice'. If you're a tenant, the property owner will always receive the notice.

What if my bill remains unpaid?

If your bill isn't paid within 31 days of the original due date, we'll issue a ‘Notice of restriction of supply’.

Failing to pay your account may result in a restriction to your water supply. You'll also need to pay other associated costs.

It's always our preference not to restrict your water supply.

Overdue tenant bills

We'll always send overdue bills to the property owner because, legally, we are required to notify them. Please find our payment support options to avoid overdue bills or apply for a bill extension before your bill is due.

Need help paying your bill?

We're here to make it easier for you to pay your bills. If you have financial difficulties, we have several payment assistance options available. This includes bill extension, payment arrangements and long-term support options.