Project goal:

To improve the security and reliability of Perth's water supply with our water main renewal program.

Delivery date:

2016 - 2020

What's happening?

We’re replacing the old, worn pipes in Perth’s water main network. Some sections of the network are over 100 years old and starting to show wear and tear. This work is essential in order to avoid future bursts and leaks.

Where is this happening?

Use our map to search for works in your area, or by current, completed and upcoming projects. You can also do a quick check of major works on the below map.

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Why is this work taking place?

Sections of our water main network are ageing – some are over 100 years old! The wear and tear on older pipes can potentially lead to bursts and leaks, which is why it’s important to replace them. Replacing ageing pipes will help ensure the safety and reliability of Perth’s water supply.

When is this happening?

Upcoming projects can be viewed in the map above. In most cases, we will work on weekdays between 7am and 7pm. Much of our work cannot be undertaken after hours as the noise of saw cutting, excavation and compactors at night would not be considered acceptable in high density mixed residential and commercial areas. However, we will undertake less noisy work overnight where possible to ensure we complete our project as quickly as possible.

How will this impact the community?

Our process involves using a combination of open trenches and trenchless technology to renew the water mains. To begin, our contractor will perform an initial review to make sure the plans for the new mains are suitable and excavation can be done safely. This process can take a few days and it may not look like much is happening onsite. Rest assured this part of the process is factored into our schedules.

After that, our work usually involves about a week of excavation, a week of installing new pipes, a week of testing, a week of connecting properties to the new mains and a week of reinstatement.During works, there may be noise and dust around the site from saw cutting, excavation and compactors. We’ll be doing the noisier work weekdays 7am – 7pm and less noisy work after hours where possible to minimise disturbances and get the projects finished as quickly as we can.

For the safety of workers, residents and road users, some roads will be temporarily closed while work is taking place. In these cases, notice will be given beforehand and traffic management will be put in place.

Interruptions to water supply

There may be a short interruption to your water supply when we need to transfer your properties connection over to the new water main. We do our best to ensure scheduled interruptions occur when demand for water is at it's lowest in each area, and will notify you before it happens.

Pipes for Perth Restoration Works

We are currently replacing ageing water pipes in Perth’s water main network to help prevent future leaks and bursts across the network and improve the security and reliability of our water supply for decades to come. This essential work will require us to dig open the ground in certain areas to access pipes, valves and taps. This can result in unavoidable impact to public areas such as roads, verges and footpaths and sometimes to private property such as driveways and yards.

We are committed to returning areas affected by our work to as close to their original condition as reasonably feasible. As this work is part of a larger series of work across Perth, we will return toward the end of the project to complete restorations of all affected areas, working closely with local councils and affected property owners to meet restoration expectations where possible.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information on this restoration work.


Why do you need to impact my verge or property?

The work to replace ageing water pipes is essential and will help prevent leaks and bursts to improve the security and reliability of Perth’s water supply for decades to come. Pipe replacement work means we are required to dig open the ground to access pipes, valves, and taps. This results in unavoidable impact to public areas such as roads, verges, and footpaths and sometimes to private property such as driveways and yards.

We are committed to returning areas affected by our work to as close to their original condition as reasonably feasible. We work closely with local councils and affected property owners to try to meet restoration expectations where possible.

How will you reinstate the lawn on my verge or within my property?

We are committed to returning all areas affected by our work to as close to their original condition as reasonably feasible. Unfortunately, it is impossible to replace a well-established lawn to its original condition immediately after it has been excavated. However, we will put materials and resources in place so that the lawn returns to its original condition as quickly as possible. Please note that lawn restorations are dependent upon existing soil conditions, watering, rainfall, and garden maintenance.

All areas that are covered predominately with lawn, will be replaced with roll-on lawn. The contractor will work with you to understand what lawn was pre-existing and endeavour to replace it with the same type of lawn.

Please note that roll-on lawn is subject to availability. If you would like a particular type of lawn, you may have to wait for this lawn to become available.

As all roll-on lawn needs to be given time to spread and grow, the new lawn will not immediately look as it did prior to the work. Our contractors will water the lawn adequately for the first month, after which, it is your responsibility to keep up regular watering, mowing, and care of the lawn for it to fully re-establish.

Please do not walk or drive on your new lawn as this will inhibit its ability to grow. We will not undertake additional restoration work if it is evident that this has occurred.

All verge restorations are reviewed and approved by the local council.

How do I know when you have reinstated my verge?

We will leave a letter in your mailbox advising you that your restoration is complete. The letter will include tips on how to care for your restored areas and who to contact should you have any queries.

I’ve spent time and money planting specific varieties of plants, will you replace these if you need to dig them up?

We appreciate that many people put a lot of time, effort, and money into making verges and gardens look good. If any lawn, trees, or plants need to be removed or if any landscaping or sprinklers are damaged from our work, they will be restored or replaced.

We take photos of all work areas before any construction work begins. However, if you have particular questions or concerns about the variety of vegetation to be replanted please contact us directly on

You’ve damaged my footpath or driveway, will you replace it?

When our work causes damage to a private driveway, we will repair and/or replace where appropriate.

We will fix the section of the driveway that we have damaged only and will not replace the whole footpath or driveway. This means that sometimes the colour of the concrete or material may be different to the colour of the original material. This is because the original material has faded due to the sun and weather. The new material we use will fade over time to match the original material.

Sometimes due to product availability, intricate materials, or colours and patterns used, exact matches to existing driveways may not always be achievable. In these situations we will discuss all available options with you before proceeding with any final restoration work.

You have damaged part of the road, how will you reinstate it?

We engage with local councils before work begins to agree on the road restoration requirements. Once restoration of the road is complete, we undergo an audit and work with the local council to ensure everything is to their standard and quality specifications.

You have broken or damaged my property, will you replace it?

During excavation, it is possible that we may accidentally break or damage your property. If this is the case, we will replace or repair the property in consultation with you. This includes broken reticulation, sprinklers, pavers, fences, and driveways.

You completed restoration but it does not meet my standards. Will you come back and replace it?

All restoration work has a 4 month liability period from the date of completion. If vegetation has died within this period, or you are unhappy with the restoration, please contact us within 4 months of the date of completion. The date of completion will be the date on the letter which is given to you once restoration is complete.

What does ‘reasonably feasible’ mean in terms of your commitment to restorations?

Reasonably feasible means we use a sensible standard of judgement to determine that an area has been successfully restored to as close to its original condition as practically possible.

It is judged according to what is known and relevant and balances multiple factors, such as the complexity of the area damaged, the availability of specialised materials, the likelihood of achieving a quality finish, and time allowances for new vegetation to become established.

Why are comprehensive restorations not completed as soon as the pipe has been replaced?

Depending on the nature of the work, sometimes it is not always cost effective or practical for our work crews or contractors to complete a comprehensive restoration before leaving the work area.

This could be for a number of reasons, such as not having the right equipment on-hand or needing to access the area again. In this situation, we will ensure we leave the work site safe and functional, but it may not look the way it did before the work began. This is known as temporary restoration and someone will return to complete the final restoration to restore the area as close as possible to its previous condition, where reasonably feasible.

If you are concerned about the time it is taking for a comprehensive restoration, please contact us directly on

Why is it taking so long for you to come back and finish the restoration?

This work is a part of a larger series of work and we will return toward the end of the project to complete restorations of all affected areas. If restoration is delayed, our contractor will leave a card in your mail box advising what work will be carried out at your property and when this work will take place. For customers whose property is being restored due to service renewal work, you will receive further detailed information regarding restoration throughout our project communications.

If a restoration is complex, we will be in touch with you to discuss options.

If you are concerned about the restoration work, please contact us directly on

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