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We all have a role to play when it comes to protecting and adapting the way we use water, which it's more important than ever to think climate change, be waterwise. Hear from waterwise experts, check your watering days or compare how waterwise you are within your neighbourhood. You can find everything you need to help you save water in your home or business below.

Watering days

The Winter Sprinkler Switch-off is currently in place. The Switch-off begins on 1 June each year. The Switch-off is mandatory for all scheme and bore water users in Perth, Mandurah, and some parts of the South West and Great Southern.

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Outside of the Winter Sprinkler Switch-off, you can use your sprinklers to water your garden 2 days per week in Perth, Mandurah, and some parts of the South West and Great Southern. If you live elsewhere in WA, find your watering days below.

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Waterwise advice

Find handy tips and simple ideas to help you save water in your home and garden.

Waterwise offers

Looking for more ways you can save water in your home and garden? Every year, we provide waterwise offers on products and services to help you to be more water efficient. Take a look at our current offers and check your eligibility.

Weather-Based Irrigation Controller Rebate

Customers could apply for a rebate of up to $300 for the purchase and set up of smart irrigation controllers and products.

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Regional Showerhead Swap

This offer has now closed, but some showerhead swap locations still have stock available to exchange your old showerheads for free.

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Regional Rainwater Tank Rebate

Customers in eligible towns were able to apply for a rebate on the cost of purchasing a new rainwater tank or plumbing in/ replacing an existing one.

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Waterwise specialists

We have endorsed specialists across WA to help you with garden landscaping, irrigation, household plumbing and lots more. Use our search tool to find a waterwise specialist near you.

Waterwise plants

Plants suited to our climate need less water, are low maintenance and will look great in your garden. Use our directory to find out which waterwise plants will grow best where you live.

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Waterwise products

Find waterwise products endorsed by Water Corporation including pool blankets and mulch to help you save water in your home and garden.

Waterwise programs

We work with local governments, industry and business to reduce demand on our water sources.

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Waterwise councils

Every day, Waterwise Councils save water through innovative technologies and initiatives to build liveable and waterwise communities.

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Residents enjoying native garden at Southern Cross Care.

Waterwise businesses

We are currently working with 269 customers to help them reduce water use through water recycling, improved water efficiency and new technology.

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John Tonkin Water Centre – the building is fitted with waterwise fixtures.

Waterwise Building Program

Waterwise buildings are committed to water efficiency and have seen significant improvements in water savings.

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