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With a changing climate, we all have a role to play in shaping WA's water future by being waterwise. Find everything you need to save water in your home or business — we have a variety of tools making it easy to find your watering days, check how waterwise you are compared to others in your area and tips for simple ways to water.

Watering days

Together we can save around 4.5 billion litres of water every year if we all stick to our allocated watering days. That's enough water to fill Optus Stadium 4.5 times! By sticking to your watering days, you can contribute to big water savings.

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Waterwise advice

Find handy tips and simple ideas to help you save water in your home and garden.

Business case studies

Discover how businesses like yours are effectively managing water consumption and lowering costs. Learn from industry experience and identify saving opportunities you can implement in your operations.

Image of the Belmont Forum entrance

Belmont Forum

Belmont Forum has created a model assisting tenants to reduce their water and energy use, resulting in lower costs and improved water efficiency.

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Image of Crown Perth

Crown Perth

Water management is critical for Crown. Find out how they have saved over 1 million kilolitres of water by using sustainable water practises.

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Waterless woks image

Waterless woks

Find out how a busy eatery reduced water use by 30% when replacing water-cooled woks with air-cooled models.

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Waterwise offers

Looking for more ways you can save water in your home and garden? Every year, we provide waterwise offers on products and services to help you to be more water efficient. Take a look at our current offers and check your eligibility.

Waterwise plants 

Plants suited to our climate need less water, are low maintenance and will look great in your garden. Use our directory to find out which waterwise plants will grow best where you live.

Featured plants for autumn 2024

banksia blechnifolia

Southern Blechnum Banksia

An unusual banksia with a stout, creeping stem from which large grey green fishbone leaves rise straight up. Reddish pink flowers in spring.

Banksia prionotes

Acorn Banksia

A fast-growing large, bushy shrub or small tree with white-silver woolly buds opening from the base up to orange flowers.


Waterwise specialists

We have endorsed specialists across WA to help you with garden landscaping, irrigation, household plumbing and lots more. Use our search tool to find a waterwise specialist near you.

Waterwise products

Find waterwise products endorsed by Water Corporation including pool blankets and mulch to help you save water in your home and garden.

Waterwise programs

We work with local governments, industry and business to reduce demand on our water sources.

Picture of Perth City

Waterwise councils

Every day, waterwise councils save water through innovative technologies and initiatives to build liveable and waterwise communities.

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Residents enjoying native garden at Southern Cross Care.

Waterwise businesses

We are currently working with 277 customers to help them reduce water use through water recycling, improved water efficiency and new technology.

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John Tonkin Water Centre – the building is fitted with waterwise fixtures.

Waterwise Building Program

Waterwise buildings are committed to water efficiency and have seen significant improvements in water savings.

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