Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP)

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, suppliers, employees and the wider community, we’re proud to launch our foundation Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP).

Our FIAP is a natural extension of our service commitments which strives to ensure our business is accessible and inclusive to all members of the community, particularly in their time of need.

Financial vulnerability is a complex issue that continues to impact many Western Australians. With financial stress on the rise, any number of unplanned events could lead to hardship. As the first organisation in Western Australia to implement a FIAP, we are committed to delivering products and services that support our stakeholders to achieve inclusion and financial resilience, and to contribute to a thriving community.

The FIAP program was developed in partnership with the Australian Government, corporate and community groups with the aim of helping the 3.3 million Australian adults that are identified as being financially vulnerable. Of this number, more than half are women.

Financial Inclusion Action Plan