Strata & green title subdivisions

Find out about strata and green title subdivisions, including their land servicing requirements, metering options and how we calculate infrastructure contributions for them.

Green title subdivisions

Green title subdivisions are where separately titled lots are proposed. They require services to be provided to each lot within the subdivision layout, which means that all lots must have frontage to our mains and a service connection point must be available to each proposed lot.

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Strata subdivisions

A strata subdivision is essentially a subdivision within a green title lot under a strata plan. Strata title lots differ from green title lots as the lots within the plan may have common servicing points on our mains.

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Amalgamations are whereby two or more separately titled lots are combined into one under a single subdivision application. The new lot is to be provided with water, wastewater and drainage services – if required by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). If we have existing mains located within the property, we may also require easements.

Land servicing fees may apply.

More information

For further information, you can refer to our Small Developments handbook or call us between 8:30am and 5:00pm on weekdays on (08) 9420-2099

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