If you have overpaid a water bill or if you have a credit on your account then you can request a refund from us using our request a refund form.

This article has helpful information about what we need from you if you wish to go ahead with your request.

We need to know the following information when you apply for a refund:

  • Is your property going through settlement?
  • How did you make your payment (via BPAY, Australia Post, Direct debit, Credit card, Centrepay, Cheque or EFT)?
  • We may require a proof of payment to make sure we refund to the correct person. This could be a copy of your bank statement showing the payment or a BPAY confirmation receipt. We ask you to attach your receipt or bank statement as a PDF, JPEG or PNG. If you have made multiple payments, we only need proof of one.
  • Your contact details.
  • Property details of the account you require a refund for.
  • The requested refund amount.
  • Your reason for requesting a refund (e.g. overpayment, payment made to the wrong account)
  • Your bank account details or credit card details for the deposit of your refund. We need the same bank account details that your payment was taken from.

You can add more than 1 account to your refund request if needed.

Once you have submitted your request we will review and process it within 10 working days or less.

If you have any questions or need help to submit your form please contact us