Access to your meter

It is important to keep your meter clear and accessible.

Our meter readers visit your property every two months to obtain a reading from your water meter. If we cannot access your meter, your water use may be estimated. If this occurs, you can submit your own meter reading.

If your reading is lower than our estimate you will receive an updated bill. If your reading is higher than our estimate, this water use will be included in your next water use bill.

See Estimated meter reads

Keeping your water meter clear and accessible

It is your responsibility to ensure that your water meter is unobstructed and safely accessible by our meter readers. You can help make this easier for us by:

  • keep surrounding plants trimmed 
  • clear excess sand and mulch
  • ensure that landscaping such as paving and decking are not covering the meter
  • apply for a meter relocation 
  • installing a WAS Lock. See below for more information. 

We love dogs, but if there is a dog on your property who is not secured away from the meter area, our meter readers will not enter to read the meter.

Your water meter should be clear 30cm around every side, and have at least 120cm of open air above:

Meter clearance diagram

Remember we not only need to get to your meter to read it, we also need to access your meter for repairs and maintenance.

If we aren't able to access your meter easily, we will leave a card requesting that you clear the meter. If you don’t do this, we may issue you with a compliance notice. If the obstruction still remains after the compliance notice is issued, we may remove the obstruction or relocate the meter at a cost to you (under the Water Services Act 2012). 

Installing a Western Australian Services (WAS) lock

We might not be able to access your meter if it is located behind a locked gate. If you would like to provide access but also want to maintain security, you can install a Western Australian Services (WAS) lock.

WAS locks are padlocks that only ourselves, Western Power, Synergy and Alinta Gas have keys for. They are available from licensed locksmiths and security suppliers.

If you install a WAS lock, please contact us on 13 13 85 so we can let our meter readers know.

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