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This bill is for the services available to your property like water service, sewerage and drainage. It doesn't include water use charges.

Service charge only bills are common for:

  • Property owners who have redirected the water use bill to their tenants,
  • Customers of Aqwest and Busselton Water who only pay sewerage charges to Water Corporation,
  • Vacant landowners who have no water use,
  • Customers who share a meter and
  • Customer with an unmetered property
Image of service charges only bill 




Charges apply to any property where services are available regardless of whether you are connected or not. All properties that are able to access our services need to contribute to the cost of providing and maintaining these essential services.

To find out how we bill properties which have a common supply, please visit our shared water meter charges page.

Log in to your online account to view your tenant’s water use bill. If you don’t have an online account, please register to view your tenant’s bill or contact us, and we can issue a copy of your tenant’s bill at your request.

All services charges are fixed annual charges, with the cost divided across your bills for the year. The amount you pay for service charges within a billing period reflects the number of days between your current and next meter reading.